Clifton Collision Center is fully equipped with the latest high tech equipment necessary for the expert repair of your vehicle. We use Star Rack 360 frame straightening equipment, as well as premium quality line welders, electrical analysis equipment, and air conditioning unit recharging equipment. Our computerized paint mixing chambers and downdraft spray booths are state-of-the-art.

Our personnel are thoroughly trained and tested on the use of our equipment and its exacting application in the repair process.  In addition, our technicians are trained by the manufacturers of our high tech frame, body repair, and paint systems on the proper use of the equipment and application of all materials.

We believe strongly that skilled craftsmen and the right tools are the keys to top quality repairs.

Our warranty is quite simple: we will guarantee all work that we perform on a customer's vehicle for as long as they own that vehicle. This warranty includes any defects in our workmanship or materials on all metalwork such as, cracking, flaking, pitting or deterioration. Our refinishing is warranted against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing, or excessive loss of pigmentation. Exclusions to this warranty are negligence, accidents, abuse, misuse, or extreme environmental conditions which the vehicle may be exposed. 

We guarantee that all parts used are of the first quality. Those parts are subject to the guarantee of the specific supplier. We will assist in the handling of any necessary claim with the supplier. We also will guarantee that used parts or other than original equipment manufactured parts were not used without the customers authorization as noted on the repair order.

At Clifton Collision Center, our goal is to provide you with a car that has been so expertly repaired that it is indistinguishable from the manufacturer's quality in original construction of the vehicle. Equally important, we repair every vehicle with your continued safety in mind. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible at a fair price.

Color matching the paint on your vehicle is both an art and exacting science.

Auto manufacturers apply paint to the bare shell of the vehicle in ovens where the temperatures exceed 400-degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the auto manufacturers paint the car before any of the wiring, electronics, hardware, or interiors are assembled into the vehicle. In the collision repair business, the paint can only be dried at temperatures up to 180-degrees—any hotter and damage will be done to the car's mechanical, electrical, and interior systems. In addition, all auto manufacturers use an electrolitically applied "E-coat" primer that is applied to the bare vehicle unibody or sheet metal—this is an immersion process in a liquid, electrically charged solution that is impossible to duplicate in the repair industry.

Finally, the colors used by auto manufacturers may vary widely on the same models painted with the same color. Variations in shading and coloring depend on if your car was painted at the front end or tail end of an assembly line run of paint. Most new cars today are also painted with "two coat" or "tri-coat" paint processes—where mica, pearl, and metallic materials are applied sequentially in the factory finish. These finishes often vary in appearance based on the angle from which they are viewed. For example, a green metallic paint can appear "teal-colored" when looking at a straight or flat surface such as a hood, but nearly "black" when looking at a rounded surface such as a fender.

All of these factors make paint mixing, tinting, and blending in the collision repair process even more critical. To properly repair a minor dent of several square inches, an entire panel may need to painted and the adjacent panels may need to be blended in order to achieve a precise color match. At Clifton Collision Center, we use computer-controlled sensing devices that provide the refinish technician with a precise formula to match the paint color on a vehicle.

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